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Welcome new committer Allen Gilliland

05.27.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Sun's Allen Gilliland has joined the Roller team, one of six committters who have rights to commit changes to Roller's source code repository. Allen started working on Roller a couple of months ago and has already developed a complete new metadata driven configuration system for Roller (due out in the June Roller 1.2 release), which simplifies Roller installation and makes it easier for developers to add new configuration properties to the system.

Roller 1.1.1 bug fix release is available

05.18.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

This releases is a bug fix release that fixes Roller search feature. You can download the full release or a patch that you can apply to your existing Roller 1.1 installation.

The full release

The patch release

Roller 1.1 released

04.20.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 1.1 has been released. The release features Podcasting support, bug fixes, and some minor improvements. You can find the files in Roller's Java.Net download space or via the links below:

Once you've downloaded Roller refer to the docs to install and use Roller:

Run into problems during installation? Subscribe to the Roller user mailing-list or stop by the #roller chat room on

Roller 1.0.1 is available

02.08.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 1.0.1 is a bug fix release that also adds support for Google's new rel="nofollow" flag. You can get the release on Roller's Java.Net download space. You can read the change list on Roller's JIRA issue tracking system. And, you can find install instructions and instructions for upgrading your existing Roller 1.0 install to 1.0.1 on the Roller wiki. Happy rolling!

Roller 1.0: ready to roll!

01.17.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 1.0 is the first major release of Roller since Roller 0.9.8 was released in September of 2003. See What's new with Roller 1.0 for a summary of the many changes, improvements, and bug fixes made since the last release.

Roller 1.0 has gone through a lot of testing and debugging. The Roller 1.0 release process began when Roller 0.9.9 was deployed at in May of 2004 and ended with the deployment of Roller 1.0RC1, 1.0RC2, and 1.0-Final at in December of the same year. Now it's your turn to try Roller 1.0. Download it, install it, and let us know how it works for you. Here are the links you need to get started:

Thanks to the many folks that helped to make Roller 1.0 possible:

  • Anil Gangolli (committer)
  • Dave Johnson (committer)
  • Henri Yandell (committer)
  • Jaap Van Der Molen (committer, retired)
  • Lance Lavandowska (committer)
  • Matt Raible (committer)
  • Min Idzelis (committer, retired)
  • Rick Ross, Matt Schmidt of Javalobby
  • Will Snow, John Hoffman, and Klarrissa Marenicth of Sun
  • And a cast of thousands of,, and Roller bloggers everywhere

Roller 1.0 Release Candidate 2

12.19.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 1.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC1) has been released. RC2 is a test release of Roller 1.0 that may not yet be ready for production use. RC2 will probably be the last release candidate before the Roller 1.0 release which may occur as soon as next week.

Roller 1.0 Release Candidate 1

10.29.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 1.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) has been released. RC1 is a test release of Roller 1.0 - not intended for production use. There may be one or more additional release candidates before the Roller 1.0 final release which will (most likely) occur sometime in November.

Documentation updates underway

10.29.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

We're in the process of updating the Roller InstallationGuide for Roller 1.0. A generous Roller user named Noniko is translating the Roller UserGuide to Japanese.

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