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Gearing up for Roller 1.0

10.25.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

We're getting ready to release Roller 1.0 RC1 for your evaluation and testing. There may be a couple of release candidate releases before we finally ship out Roller 1.0. Read more about it on Dave's blog.

Welcome Henri Yandell!

09.11.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

We are happy to welcome Henri Yandell as our newest Roller contributor and committer.

Security patch released for Roller 0.9.8

08.29.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

All public Roller sites (those with open registration) should apply this security fix. It replaces Roller's rollerweb.jar and rollerbeans.jar files and fixes a security issue with Roller's file upload feature.

Standalone Roller Demo available

07.07.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Bundles Roller, JSPWiki, HSQLDB, and Tomcat. Everything is preconfigured and ready to run from one startup script. See Dave's blog for details.

Sun chooses Roller!

06.06.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Sun has chosen Roller to power Sun employee blogs at, Tim Bray writes about it on his blog.

Roller 0.9.9 deployed to JRoller

06.01.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Roller 0.9.9, a pre-release test vesion of Roller 1.0, has been deployed to JRoller. The upgrade went smoothing, but we are still ironing out bugs in the release. JRoller users: please be patient and help us out by reporting bugs to Roller's JIRA issue tracker.

Roller #1 among Java bloggers

05.24.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

An informal analysis of user-agents at the Java.Blogs community site shows Roller in the lead, beating out Movable Type as the most popular weblogging software among Java bloggers. The analysis was carried out by Henri Yandel.

Welcome Jaap van der Molen to the Roller project

05.24.2004 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Jaap van der Molen has contributed a complete Dutch translation of Roller and extensive internationalization changes. He has also agreed to join the Roller project. Thanks and welcome to Jaap.
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