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Welcome Matt Schmidt

12.19.2005 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Welcome to Matt Schmidt, who just joined the Roller project as a committer. From the Roller development mailing-list:
Dave Johnson: Matt was one of the earliest users and supporters of Roller. He's the director of technology at the Javalobby and along with Rick Ross he helped grow the Roller community by offering free Roller-based blogs at Matt, Rick and I spent many hours on instant messenger, on the phone and at Javalobby headquarters (here in Cary, NC) debugging Roller's early performance problems. Since then, he's played an active role in the Roller dev list and I've continued to work with him on Roller issues via instant messenger.

Matt is part of the Roller developer and user community, does good work and I'd like to encourage his further contributions and involvement by nominating him for committer status on Roller and giving him his first +1
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