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Agile planning w/Google Wave and Team Concert

This sounds cool. I'd love love to see the slides or better yet, a sceen-cast.

Distributed Planning Poker
Integrating Google Wave and Rational Team Concert for collaborative effort estimation

Collaborative estimation and planning is a key concept for all agile development process frameworks. We will present a solution for playing "Planning Poker" that enables distributed development teams to estimate the effort of work items and build consensus in a collaborative way.

The prototype uses Google Wave as a collaboration platform and OSLC ( for seamless integration with the developer IDE and work environment. We will show a demo on how a distributed team can estimate user stories and tasks from a product backlog in a collaborative way, and instantly use the results as the base for further sprint planning.

Additionally, attendees will learn some basic concepts and features about Google Wave, OSLC and IBM Rational Team Concert.

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Latest Links: August 11, 2009

Wisdom of Twitter: Wave's impact on enterprise collab

Wondering how Google Wave will impact the enterprise collaboration market? Look no further than the great collected wisdom of Twitter. Given that X equals Lotus Notes, Microsoft Sharepoint or Microsoft Exchange we have:

  • #googlewave will be major competition for X
  • #googlewave will drive positive change in X
  • #googlewave is X 2.0
  • #googlewave is X done right
  • #googlewave is X for 2009
  • #googlewave is X for 2010
  • #googlewave looks like X on the web
  • #googlewave is what X never became
  • #googlewave is the final nail in the coffin of X
  • #googlewave will destroy X
  • #googlewave will kill X, death to X!
  • #googlewave flatters X by imitation
  • #googlewave is just hosted version of X
  • #googlewave is a custom version of X, good for SEO

How can industry analysts survive with people giving away this stuff for free?