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Open Source Days and København next week!

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I mentioned this back in August and now it's just one week away. Guess I better wrap up my slides quick.

I'll be speaking at the Open Source Days in Copenhagen, Denmark Oct. 3-4, 2008 and the topics will be Roller and SocialSite. So, if you're coming then don't miss me at 1:30PM on Friday and if you're not, there's still time to register.

My talk is titled Once and Future Roller, which is a silly title and coincidentally the same title that gave the first talk I gave at Sun when I joined in 2004. My new talk is similar to that old 2004 talk in that it comes at something of a turning point for Roller. Then, I had just joined Sun and started to work on Roller full time and now as I'm working full time on SocialSite and doing what I can to move Roller forward and mentor new developers.

As you can see in the abstract, I'm going to tell the story of Roller, at Sun, at Apache and up to today. I'll try to sum up some of the open source lessons learned along the way. I'll explain the current status of the project and ongoing work. And in the 2nd half of the talk I'll talk about the future and what you can expect from Roller, from SocialSite and how the two can work together.


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