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Goodbye notes to the Rockford

I've been a Rockford regular for the last 5 years or so, dining with friends there every Wednesday night. Feels like the end of an era to me.

By Edward James,

The Raleigh Telegram

There was no sign on the front of the building to let people know there was even a bar located there and it’s a sure bet that many people new to Raleigh didn’t even know it was there.  Regular patrons just looked for the nondescript looking front door underneath the barber pole that led up to the Rockford.

Upstairs, bar patrons could hang out at the copper bar or eat one of the Rockford’s reasonably priced sandwiches, which were very popular at lunchtime.

The Rockford had a cult following almost among young Raleigh citizens, as evidenced by some of the notes posted on the front door.

Here's an camera-phone shot that I took from the bar one day in 2008:

View from the Rockford bar

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