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GSOC 2011: Mobile-enabled themes for Roller

I'm going to break blog silence now to tell you about Apache Roller and Google Summer of Code 2011, which just wrapped up about a week ago.

GSOC logo

This year we were very fortunate to get a another highly motivated and smart student, Shelan Perera, and an good proposal as well: Mobile-enabled Templates. Over the summer Shelan designed and implemented a new feature for the Roller blog server, one that enables theme authors to provide an alternative "mobile" template for each page template in a Roller blog theme. You can see a screenshot of the new Edit Template page in Shelan's blog How to change template codes in Roller.

Now, when a page request comes into Roller, Shelan's code determines if it's from a mobile device and, if it is, switches to a mobile template, if one is available. There's also an easy way for template authors to create a button to allow users to switch to the "Standard" site instead of the mobile version. The screenshot on the right, of Roller with a mobile theme comes from Shelan's most recent blog.

screenshot of a mobile Roller theme

It was an honor to act as mentor for this project, and fun talking to Shelan via Skype most Fridays. I'm looking forward to getting this on my blog, and getting this cool new feature into an Apache Roller 5.1 release sometime soon. Thanks, Shelan! And, thanks to Google for running the most excellent Summer of Code program.

Welcome new Apache Roller committer Shelan Perera

(cross-posted from the Roller project blog)

Here's some happy news. A new committer has joined the Apache Roller project. Shelan Perera has been helping out on the mailing lists, submitting fixes and recently won a Google Summer of Code (GSOC) project to add mobile blogging features to Roller. He was nominated for committer-ship and voted in on May 5, 2011.

Shelan's GSOC project is to add mobile theming capabilities to Roller. You can find the Mobile Theming for Roller proposal on the GSOC website. Shelan is seeking feedback on requirements and design for the project, and keeping the community in the loop by running a blog to journal his progress: Apache Roller Mobile Platform.

Welcome Shelan!

OpenID support in Roller

Thanks to one hard working student and the Google Summer of Code, we now have a patch for OpenID support in Roller and its ready to commit to trunk. Here's a teaser screenshot:

If you want to know more, the proposal for OpenID support is on our wiki and the patch is attached to issue ROL-1733 in our bug tracking system.