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Upcoming gigs: ApacheCon and Enterprise 2.0

On Wednesday November fourth I'll be speaking at two conferences on the same day: ApacheCon US in Oakland, CA and Enterprise 2.0 in San Francisco. Here's a write-up of what I will be speaking about.

Enterprise 2.0: Enterprise OpenSocial. This will be a panel discussion with representatives from Atlassian, SocialText, Exo and I'll be representing IBM. I'll be prepared to talk about what IBM is doing with OpenSocial and to give some specifics about what we're doing in Jazz to support OpenSocial Gadgets and other web UI plugin technologies. I'll also be prepared to give an update on Project SocialSite and it's move to the Apache Incubator.

ApacheCon: What's new in Roller 5.0. I'll cover the state of Roller, explain the new features coming in Roller 5.0 and make some suggestions for the future of the Roller code base. I will also explain what folks can do to help ensure that Roller can continue to improve, make releases and avoid getting yanked up into the attic.


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