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Star Wars weekend

I convinced Andi that Alex(8) and Linus(7) are old enough for the Star Wars films. So, this past weekend we watched episides I, II and III. We started with Episode 1.1: The Phantom Edit, a fan-edited version of the film that includes much less Jar Jar than before. They boys thought they could have cut more; I kid you not. I thought the Phantom Edit was a little too fuzzy to enjoy. I guess that's because it was created from a VHS copy of the film.

I think the boys enjoyed Episode II: Attack of the Clones more than Episode I, but there was a little too much kissing. It's funny to see the kids cringe when Anakin and Padme get all mushy.

It was Andi's birthday on Sunday, so she took Alex and Linus to Episode III and I stayed home with the little Leo. They enjoyed it the most of the three, but Linus was a little disturbed when he saw what happened to Anakin. I don't think he was really traumatized, at least not as bad as he was on The Mummy (whatever you do, do NOT mention The Mummy to Linus).

I wonder what they're going to think of the original films. Will they see IV and V as the awesome classics that I know them to be, or dated and dull after the orgy of special effects they've just gone through in the prequels.


I was watching "Return of the Jedi" (Episode VI) on Sunday and thought that the special effects still hold up even after 22 years. Now they're not as dynamic as what you see in the prequel trilogy, but definitely nothing to cringe at. One challenge I have as a Star Wars nut and parent of a 16 month old boy is to *prevent* him from watching them until he's old enough to somewhat grasp the complex plot. Ideally this would be until he was 12 or so, but I'm sure he'll catch them on TV sometime or at a friend's house.

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