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Introducing Project SocialSite

As promised, here's some more information about the talk I and my co-speaker Jamey Wood are giving tomorrow at CommunityOne (2:35 PM in Moscone Hall E 135).

Below is the official title and blurb.

Turn your Web Application into an OpenSocial container (link)

Wouldn't it be nice if developers around the world could add new features to your web site for you? The OpenSocial API makes it possible. This session demonstrates how you can make your existing web site capable of hosting OpenSocial applications. To illustrate the process, it shows an example application and how it benefits from becoming an OpenSocial container. Attendees should be familiar with HTML, JavaScript™ technology, and XML.

Perhaps a better title would have been, "make your webapps social with Project SocialSite" but we didn't have permission to talk about our project until very recently. Now, we're ready to talk about the Project SocialSite widgets and web services and how you can use them to add Social Networking features to your existing Java, PHP and Ruby webapps. We're not ready to talk about product plans, features or schedules but we are ready to demonstrate our work in Netbeans, MediaWiki, Portal, Roller and possibly some other apps as the JavaOne week progresses.

Here are the slides: socialsite-j1-2008.pdf (1MB PDF file)

And here's an outline of the talk:

  • Goals
    • Understand the importance of Social Networking features in Web applications.
    • Learn about the new OpenSocial standard for plugging into Social Networks.
    • See how Project SocialSite's Web Services and Widgets make it easy to make your Web Applications social.
  • Agenda
    • Social Software / Web history lesson
    • Introducing OpenSocial
    • Apache Shindig: the OpenSocial RI
    • Options for making your sites social
    • Introducing Project SocialSite
    • Conclusion and Q&A
  • Web history lesson
    • The static Web
    • Blogs, wikis and feeds
    • The social Web
    • Facebook changes the game
    • OpenSocial arrives
    • Social Network as platform
    • Social networking goes to work
  • What is OpenSocial?
    • OpenSocial architecture example
    • The OpenSocial JavaScript API
    • The OpenSocial REST API
    • Status of OpenSocial
    • OpenSocial not the Silver Bullet
    • OpenSocial vs. Data Portability
    • OpenSocial vs. Web as Social Network
    • Is OpenSocial really “open”
  • Apache Shindig (incubating): the OpenSocial RI
    • What is Shindig
    • Apache Shindig features
    • What's missing from Apache Shindig?
  • How do you make your sites social?
    • Plugin to an existing Social Network?
    • Use a hosted or “white-label” solution?
    • Use Apache Shindig?
  • Introducing Project SocialSite
    • Project SocialSite features
    • SocialSite Architecture
    • Project SocialSite widgets
    • Project SocialSite's value adds?
    • DEMO: Using the SocialSite widgets
  • Summary
    • For more information: upcoming sessions
    • For More Information: helpful links
  • That's all folks... Q&A

Look for Project SocialSite in the CommunityOne demo area and at the Sun booth in the JavaOne pavillion all week.


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