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Roller is a Weblogger that was written as the example application for an article on Open Source Java / J2EE development tools (coming soon). Roller illustrates the use of the Struts Servlet framework, the Castor JDO persistence engine, the XDoclet code generator and the Velocity template processor.

Currently, Roller lives at SourceForge and the Roller downloads, bug-lists, etc. will continue to live at SourceForge.  But, the Roller weblog will be hosted here on Weblog.COM - for now.  Why not host the weblog on Roller you wonder? There are several reasons for that: 1) Roller is not quite ready for "production use," 2) I have yet to find an inexpensive ISP that supports the Servlet 2.3 API and 3) I want to learn about Radio.


Dave your article inspired to follow the Roller project as an example of how to build a good Java web application. While I don't do java full time, only occasionally, I still follow the Roller project and you and Matt Raible's blogs are great sources of information. I meet Lance a few years ago at a TCJUG meeting but haven't seen him since. My first open source project contribution was the javascript buttons for the basic roller text editor. :)

Posted by Kurt Wiersma on April 11, 2007 at 04:58 PM EDT #

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