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The Jack Stone Lego incident.

Relations between young Alex and Linus today were strained to the breaking point when parental authorities determined that Jack Stone Legos from the smaller Linus collection had become mixed in with the larger Alex collection. To further complicate matters, authorities charged Alex with kidnapping several Lego people from the Linus collection and hiding them around his personal residence.

Parental authorities were unable to determine the ownership of the individual Legos in the combined collection and quickly advised both parties of this dire situation. During the tense negotiations that followed, Linus suggested that the Lego collection be evenly split between the two parties. Alex then protested loudly and suggested that the combined Lego collection be put into storage until such time that both parties could learn to share and play together in peace. Linus countered by suggesting that peace is possible now and that perhaps the Legos should immediately become community property to be shared equally by all members of the household except those to which Legos pose a choking hazard. After further negotiations, a time-sharing arrangement was put into effect and Linus was randomly selected to take ownership of the Lego collection for week one.


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