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Latest Links - OpenSocial and FriendConnect

I'm still working through my backlog of Latest Links posts. First up, the OpenSocial links. I'm following OpenSocial closely because OpenSocial support is one of the key features of the new project I'm working on (Project SocialSite).

There were a bunch of OpenSocial related sessions at Google's I/O conference and they're all online. I especially like this one, OpenSocial: A Standard for the Social Web, which includes Google's Pat Chanezon discussing Project SocialSite, starting at 43:07 and on slides 70 and 71:

Here are the links:

I'm also following Google's FriendConnect pretty closely, which is a model similar to Project SocialSite -- but, and this is my opinion, for smaller sites that do not want to build and manage their own social graph. It's conceivable that Project SocialSite could one day implement FriendConnect, thereby allowing folks from a Project SocialSite-backed site to join into FriendConnect based sites. At any rate, here's what I've read about Friend Connect so far:


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