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.ie vacation day #6

Today (Thursday) we woke up early and got an early start. We drove north towards Dublin, took the scenic route through the Wicklow mountians and stopped at Glendalough, the beautiful double-lake valley where St. Kevin and his followers built a monastic city. We walked around the ruins, the lakes and up to the small waterfall there. Glendalough is only about an hour south of Dublin by car or tour bus, and it's worth the trip.


Next, we stopped briefly at the seaside town of Bray before heading back to Dublin. Thursday was our list night in Ireland, so we stayed near the airport in a Eagan's guest hour. We didn't want to venture all the way downtown, so we ate at the Porterhouse restaurant just a couple of blocks away. Porterhouse is a micro-brewery with an awesome selection of beer, and a very interesting guide to beer on every table, and reasonably priced food. I didn't expect much from the place, but it turned to be one of the best dining experiences of the trip.

Eagan's Guest House, Dublin

When we arrived at the airport, we found chaos and another bomb-scare in progress. Somebody left a rucksack under a stairway in the arrivals area, so the authorities order an evacuation and called the bomb-squad. Our flights were delayed for a couple of hours, but we both made it home safely by the end of the day.

Dublin airport bomb-scare


Hi Dave, Great travel log! I have visited Glendalough twice in my life so far and your photo and words make me think that I need to get back! It is a very special place in my heart and mind. Thanks! Brian PS: I bet you didn't stop to steal peat on your way through Sally Gap! Must be an Irish thing;-)

Posted by Brian Blakeley on July 11, 2006 at 04:58 PM EDT #

Hi I have a great site on Glendalough and I was wondering if you replace the wikipedia link with mine http://www.walkinginireland.org/glendalough/ as I have loads more info and hundreds of photos. Thanks

Posted by Glendalough Wicklow on January 19, 2008 at 06:52 AM EST #

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