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Forces and vulnerabilities of the Apache model

Ceki Gülcü: Instead of trying to learn from past failures which open discussion is supposed to encourage, Apache forges on in the path of egalitarianism. As time passes, I see attempts at institutionalizing egalitarianism instead of recognizing its inherent injustice. If egalitarianism is really at the core of the Apache way as an absolute value, then the Apache way sucks. Yay!

While the one person one vote principle applies to a democracy in order to run a country for the benefit of all, the one person one vote principle is ill-suited in a purported meritocracy the size of Apache. If it must be "one developer one vote", then the word meritocracy cannot be honestly ascribed to Apache.

Very interesting discussion and comments on the dynamics of meritocracy at the Apache Software Foundation from Ceki Gülcü.


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