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Big thanks to all for BarCamp RDU 2008!

To the campers, volunteers and sponsors of BarCamp RDU 2008,

Thanks for making BarCamp RDU 2008 a wonderfully successful event! We brought together around 150 of the best and brightest developers, web technologists, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, social media experts and open source advocates in the Triangle area and surrounding regions. Anybody who wanted could pitch a session and we ended up with 41 sessions on topics of software development, business, social media, science, education and even cross step waltz. We learned a heck of a lot from each other and had a lot of fun in the process.

Below is the session grid that the attendees put together.

You can find a list of the sessions, broken down by category and room size here:

Thanks to our generous host Red Hat, we were able to provide excellent facilities with a variety of rooms, white boards, projectors, a public address system. Thanks to our financial sponsors, we enjoyed a pre-party at Tyler's Tap Room in Durham, NC on the Friday evening before camp. And we enjoyed a breakfast of bagels, fruit and coffee. We had lunch from NeoMonde restaurant and provided plenty of sodas and water throughout the day. Clearwire was on site to ensure we had sufficient Wifi coverage for attendees.

We took time to thank our sponsors at the event, on the events web page, in our blog posts about the event, on the back of the t-shirts and on signs placed prominently around the venue. Below is an example.

In past years, BarCamp RDU led by Fred Stutzman.
This year the organizing committee was:
  • Dave Johnson (coordination and sponsors)
  • Wayne Sutton (t-shirts and technology)
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg (facilities and coordination)
  • Andi Johnson (budget and vendors)
  • Kipp Bodnar (voluneer coordinator)
  • Matt Frye (Coffee and sound)
  • Scott Morningstar (Badges)
  • Fred Stutzman and others monitored our mailing list to make sure we didn't panic
And we had help from a dozen or so volunteers on site. There were a couple of hiccups and things to be improved next year, but overall we think this was the best BarCamp RDU yet and Fred agrees. We're looking forward to doing it again so it won't be too long before you're hearing from us about the next BarCamp RDU.

Thanks again for your support!

PS. here are some more links about BarCamp RDU 2008

Pictures at Flickr.com:
Blog posts and articles tagged with barcamprdu2008:

And a lot of folks were Twittering about BarCamp RDU too:

Dave, I'm glad Viget was able to chip in for the event. All the people I've talked to had a great time.

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