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Back to work

I'm back to work after a week of JavaOne and week of summer-shutdown imposed vacation. What did I do on my vacation? After returning from JavaOne, I joined the rest of the family at the grandparent's new beach/golf house close to Topsail Island, NC. I tried my best to avoid work. I did pretty well and that's not as easy as it sounds; I first starting working on Roller during a summer vacation at Ocracoke Island.

I forced myself to take a break. I did the beach thing: dragged beach chairs and umbrellas around, covered my body in sunblock, built sand-drip castles, etc. I showed the boys the original three Star Wars films. I saw The War of the Worlds, which was surprisingly good in a summer fun movie kind of way. I read Freakonomics, also good. That was great; I needed a break. Now I'm back, the older boys are in all-day camp at the YMCA, I'm ready to get back into Roller 2.0 group blogging work.


Wow, cool. I didn't get to go to JavaONE. I did take about ten days to go to Isle of Palms, SC the last of June and beginning of July. A few years ago we went to Topsail, but haven't been back there since. I didn't take a laptop with me, so I didn't do any computer related work. I to saw War of the Worlds, but my book was Failing Forward by John Maxwell. I've got three kids. The oldest, a girl, is at day camp at the church where the boys go to afterschool and day care. The oldest boy is spending this week and next week at Microscopes, a science camp for elementary kids at Furman Univ. My daughter spent a couple of weeks in early June as a counselor at Microscopes.

Posted by charles on July 13, 2005 at 04:43 PM EDT #

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