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ApacheCon Wednesday

I'm definitely suffering from some ApacheCon-fatigue, a combination of information overload and lack of sleep. I just can't sleep past 6AM when I'm on the west coast, no matter how late I stay up. Oh well, today was the last day.

I only attended one talk this morning: Michael Radwin's HTTP Cache and Cache Busting for Content Publishers. I think I learned more Roller-relevant stuff from this talk than any other at the conference. After that, I spent the rest of the morning and lunch-time helping Craig Russell and Ian Kallen get their Roller development environments set up. As I mentioned yesterday, Craig wants to help create a JDO implementation of the Roller backend. Ian (who works for Technorati) wants to contribute to Roller in the areas of tagging and micro-formats.

In the afternoon I tuned in to the Ruby for Java Developers talk and Brian McAllister's Ruby on Rails talk. Brian's talk was my favorite of the two and I especially liked the way he illustrated the talk with screencasts (via Snapz Pro X). One of these days, I'll have some time to play with Ruby -- probably right around the time it's no longer cool with the shiny new object hipsters. After the Ruby talks, the conference ended with a key-note by Jaron Lanier. Jaron's talk was little too rambling for my taste, "mono-directional blabbing" he called it, but got a lot better when he started telling jokes and doing Al Sharpton and Steve Ballmer immitations.

That's all for my ApacheCon/US 2005 blogging. Thanks to the ApacheCon organizers and all Apache-folk for another great conference. I'm already trying to figure out how I can get myself to the next one.

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