Dot-Net love child

Andy Oliver is on a frightening roll with his latest rants. Looks like it all started after Andy spent some time playing with Mono, a GPL licensed implementation of Microsoft's C# language and Common Language Runtime. Since then Andy has said that Dot-Net is awesome, Sun doesn't have any balls, and the best way for a Java programmer to help Java is to learn Dot-Net. He has also suggested that Microsoft and Apache hook up because of their joint love of money and BSD. This guy is a dyed-in-the-wool Linux and Java nut. What the hell happened?

Maybe it did not start with Mono. Perhaps something happened at ApacheCon. You know, Comdex was also in town and Microsoft certainly had a presence there. You remember that Andy got very sick with some kind of stomach bug? I think some Rosemary's Baby-like incident occured out there and now Andy is carrying the spawn of Redmond in his belly. He's got the beast in his belly.

Comments on Ag, DAO, and pluggable persistence?

Below is the email that I sent to the Hibernate and Castor mailing lists to ask for comments on Ag:

I've written a simple example application that shows how to create a simple web application (a newsfeed aggregator) with a pluggable persistence layer. I used the tried and true DAO pattern to hide the database access mechanism from the rest of the application. I implemented the DAO interface with both Hibernate and Castor.

I did this to learn:
  • What are the drawbacks of hiding powerful persistence engine behind a simple DAO interface. What do you loose? Will long transaction support work? What about lazy loading?
  • What are the differences between and strenghts/weaknesses of Castor and Hibernate?
  • What is the best way to implement DAO with each of the tools?

The code is very simple and (I hope) easy to follow, so if you have a chance please take a look. Look at the HibeAggregatorDAO and CastorAggregatorDAO implementations to see how I used Hiberate and Castor to implement the very same DAO. I'd love to get your opinions on the above topics.

Ag Download:
Ag Readme:

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