The app server market.

Forrester Research has published an interesting summary and analysis of the current state of the app server market.

Minor update to Persistence frameworks table.

After working some more with Castor persistence framework, I realized that Castor does not support all four of the development processes I discussed in my persistence framework comparison. Castor only supports "meet in the middle" and I've changed the table to reflect this.

Castor's Source Generator is not really part of Castor JDO, instead it fits in with Castor XML. The Source Generator can take an XML schema document and generate Java classes that represent that schema. This is neat, but it really does not have anything to do with O/R mapping and persistence.

Letter to G'ma.

Today, that same five year old found the Wordpad shortcut that I left on the kids computer, right between Sim City and Lego Racers. He started it up and struggled to type in his first attempt at email: a christmas list for his grandmother. He wants the "Spider Man Sky Raider Playset" and the "Masters of the Universe Bashin Beetie." I'm so proud!

You did good.

My five year old son walked up behind me today as I toiled away on sample code for the chapter that I am working on, he saw the JUnit green bar on the screen, and said "Dad, you did good."

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