Happy 4th birthday to blogs.sun.com

I remember how freaked-out I was to see the referrer hits start rolling in (pun fully intended) from http://blogs.sun.com/roller. I can't believe it's been four years already. Thanks to Linda for the reminder.

BarCamp RDU 2008: sign-up is open

BarCamp logoBarCamp RDU 2008 is on!

The date is Saturday August 2, 2008 and, like last year and the year before, the event will be held in Red Hat's offices at the N.C. State University Centennial Campus. Sign-up is already open and the limited space is filling-up quickly, so if you're interested then please go ahead a sign up on the BarCamp RDU wiki.

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Apache Abdera 0.4 and Shindig

The Apache Abdera (incubating) project has released a new version of its Atom parser/generator, client library and all new AtomPub Server Framework. Here's the new feature list:

  • A simplified server side framework and API for implementing services.
  • Server side filter API for intercepting requests and impl. concerns such as security.
  • A collection of pre-bundled AtomPub adapters for JDBC, JCR, filesystems, and CouchDB.
  • An improved JSON serialization mechanism.
  • New extensions such as OAuth support.
  • New StreamWriter interface for fast Atom document serialization
  • Improved Unicode performance for IRI implementation
  • URI Template Support
  • HTML Parser
  • Many API improvements and bug fixes!

In related news, there's a proposal to use Abdera for the reference implementation of the OpenSocial REST APIs, which are under development by the Apache Shindig (incubating) project.

Social Media SkROCKi star

My former co-worker Linda Skrocki and Program Manager for Sun's community sites (blogs, wikis, planets, forums and mediacast at sun.com) got some well deserved recognition from ReadWriteWeb.com the other day. She was named one of Seven leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists. Congrats Linda!

Advanced Roller talk @ ApacheCon EU

I'm making final preparations for my trip to Amsterdam tomorrow for ApacheCon EU. I've been packing my bags with warm clothes and rehearsing my all-new talk Advanced Roller talk. Below are the details including the abstract and an outline of the slide deck.

Advanced Apache Roller

Apache Roller is a popular open source blog server designed to serve the needs of large multi-user blogging sites and typically used by large corporations, universities and government organizations. This session for managers, sysadmins and developers will goes beyond the Roller installation guide and explores the advanced issues of planning and executing a Roller deployment, including deployment architecture and configuration options as well as options for customization and automation.

  • Introduction
    • Goals and Agenda
    • Caveats and disclaimers
    • RTFM
  • Advanced Installation
    • Installs now easy
    • Perhaps too easy?
    • Using container managed resources
  • TIP: customize the default blogroll
  • Caching
    • Page and feed caching
    • Built-in cache implementations
    • Roller's four caches
    • Default cache settings
  • TIP: choose themes carefully
  • Authentication
    • Authentication options
    • But what about CMA?
    • Authentication limitations
    • User management changes coming in 4.1
  • TIP: separate themes directory
  • Deployment options
    • Deployment architecture: small
    • Deployment architecture: large
    • Sizing
  • TIP: check the Roller Support project
  • Caching with Memcached
    • Setting up Memcached
    • Configuring Roller Memcached plugin
  • TIP: enable debug logging
  • Scripting and automation options
    • AtomPub, RAP and calling Roller's Java API
    • Scripting RAP with Groovy
    • Scripting Roller's Java API with Groovy
  • TIP: create your own Roller build
  • Plugging in new functionality
    • Ten types of Roller plugins
    • Implementing a Page Model
  • TIP: create your own Roller themes
  • Questions and Answers

My talk is at 3PM Friday, April 11 and I'll post the final slides then.

The slides are available here:


The best social software lets you be you

Fred Stutzman: Most of us are not internet celebrities, but the social software we use assumes we are (or want to be). It's time to rethink this, to build closets and spaces for whispering into social software.
As usual, great insights from Fred. Read the whole thing.

My A list

Here's a concept that I've been using to help me both in my blog writing and to filter all the incoming feeds, tweets, photo sharing and social bookmarking items that come in via my feed reader: my A list. It's not made up of famous folks and big blog names like Scoble or Winer or Arrington. My A list is made up of people that I know or work with and that I believe are following me in some way, reading my blog, subscribing to my tweets or working with me on a project. I've got a folder in my feed reader and my A list is always the one I read first. Sometimes I don't get much farther than than before hitting the mark all read button. And when I do blog, that folder helps remind my of who I'm writing for. "A" stands for audience.

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We want you to blog about Netbeans 6.1 beta

netbeans logo It's not a new runtime or a component model or some bastardized chunk of code yanked from the guts of the wombeast, it's just Netbeans 6.1 beta, the latest revision of a good solid and Jolt award winning IDE.

So I'm here telling you to download it, install it, try it out and blog about it because the Netbeans team really wants and, in fact, needs your feedback. Plus, you could even win some money.

I can't win since I'm a Sun employee, but I downloaded 6.1-beta today and started using it for development. I put it through its paces with some heavy refactoring work without single crash, a stack-trace or any of the usual things a beta brings. Of course, YMMV. I did see a weird-ass anomaly in the Mac OS X activity monitor.

Google Summer of Code ideas for Roller

I asked for Google Summer of Code (GSOC) ideas for Roller a couple of days ago. Below are links to the proposals I thought were good enough to volunteer as possible mentor for and to submit. The deadline is tomorrow, so you've still got time to suggest additions to the list.

  • Roller OpenID: Open ID support for Roller blog server, for user accounts and comments
  • Roller Mobile: Mobile interface for Roller blog server
  • Roller Activities: Simple Social Networking for Roller blog server, Twitter-like activities
  • Roller Abdera: Abdera-based AtomPub implementation for Roller blog server
  • AtomPub Export: AtomPub Export for Roller blog server, export all!
  • Roller Shindig: Google Gadget support in Roller blog server themes via Shindig
  • Roller Photo Gallery: Better photo and file upload features in Roller blog server

Here's the full list of Apache GSOC proposals.

Fluffy little lambs vs. goats in training

Henry Yandel: I continue to grapple with the concept of how to treat users of Open Source projects. Should you be cruel, or kind?

It sounds like a dumb question - rude hackers who rip users apart for daring to ask a question in a not perfect way are just arseholes who need to get off their high horse. Right?

I’m not convinced. And I’m someone who usually over worries about being polite. Mostly because the voice inside my head is, I suspect, the kind of stormtrooper who after the Death Star blows up for the second time, will be found out of uniform at the Rebel party selling little burgers of ‘forest meat - mind the blaster marks on the fur’. Read more...

Insightful and fun post from Apache board member Henri Yandell. Worth a read for folks trying to grow an open source community of contributors.

Latest Links: Twitter and JavaFX

As you can tell from the links below, I've been goofing around with the Twitter API and JavaFX. The Twitter API looks pretty nice and very easy to use. JavaFX looks cool to this old Swing geek, but I'm a little surprised at the state of the docs and the absence of apps. I expected more after the hyped-up launch last year. Oh, well. The Netbeans plugin is pretty nice. I'll stick with it and maybe I'll be able to squeeze a Twitter Client or at least a Java.net or O'Reilly article out of my late night JavaFX noodlings.


Originally uploaded by snoopdave

It's still a little chilly around here, but the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.


By my count that's how many Apache members work at Sun. I thought I had a complete count, but Nick Kew's recent post revealed a sixth (see the comments). Here's the list:

  • Craig McClanahan
  • Craig Russell
  • Dave Johnson
  • Jim Winstead
  • Nick Kew
  • Ted Leung

Know of any other Sun employees that are Apache members?

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HOWTO: Configure Roller to use Memcached

In my last post, I explained the details of Roller cache configuration and I mentioned that Roller's caching system is pluggable but I didn't explain what that really buys you. Basically, what it means is that you can replace Roller's in-memory LRU caching mechanism with something else. In this blog entry, I'll explain how to do that.[Read More]


The Jerusalem Post is blogging with Apache Roller. (Belated) Congratulations to developer Odelya Glick and the rest of the JPost web team on the site launch.

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Sweet OpenSocial preso

From the Graphing Social Patterns 2008 conference, a sweet OpenSocial presentation with a nice overview of the emerging standard, status of the Apache Shindig project, details of the Hi5 implementation, some cute pictures of my buddy Pat Chanezon's kids and some very fine art (I think Pat forgot to credit the artist).

Welcome to Sun!

It's great to be welcoming new folks to Sun, especially when they're brilliant people like Ted Leung and Nick Kew, both of whom, by the way, are members of the Apache Software Foundation. I met Ted at ApacheCon US 2004 in Vegas and he answered all my questions about the implications of moving Roller to the ASF. And I met Nick at ApacheCon EU 2006 in Dublin and we chatted, over a couple of pints of Guiness, about the perils and pleasures of working from home and other things.

I'm also pretty damn pleased to be part of the MySQL welcoming committee, AKA the SunVisor program, and paired-up with Chuck Bell of MySQL. He's the author of Expert MySQL. I'll be answering his questions about Sun and, I hope, learning a thing or two about MySQL in the process.

Welcome to Sun guys!

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