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Apache Roller 5.1.1 Released!

10.01.2014 by Glen | 0 Comments

Apache Roller 5.1.1 has been released, offering the following fixes/enhancements over Roller 5.1:

  • ROL-1387 - In creating tag aggregate counts (for tag clouds, etc.), count tags only from published blog entries
  • ROL-1620 - Plus signs in Category names result in 404s for Atom and RSS feeds
  • ROL-2050 - Have Design Tab default to Templates page when custom themes are being used (speeds up template customization)
  • ROL-2051 - Themes not falling back to standard templates when mobile ones undefined (affecting ability for Roller to be read from tablets and smartphones.)
  • ROL-2052 - Custom stylesheets not being updated correctly when user switches between shared and custom themes.
  • ROL-2054 - Newly saved categories not appearing on blog
  • ROL-2055 - Comment search should be case-insensitive
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