Blog Better! Roller is the open source Java blog server that drives, the Apache Software Foundation blogs and many others. Read more on the about page.

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About Roller

04.16.2002 by Dave Johnson | 0 Comments

Featured in OnJava.COM

Apache Roller is the open source Java blog server that drives Oracle's employee blogging site, the Apache Software Foundation blogs, DZone's JRoller Java community site and many others. If you want to set up a blog server for yourself or for several thousand of your closest friends, try Roller!

Roller supports fundamental weblogging features such as group blogging, RSS and Atom newsfeeds, rich-text editing, customizable page templates, comments, pings, trackbacks, blogroll management and provides Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC interfaces for blogging clients.

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For more information about Roller, see the Apache Roller website and the Roller WIKI

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