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Mountain wiki weekend

It's time for the third annual mountain wiki weekend, wherein the guys leave the women-folk and girly men behind and retreat to the NC mountains where we hide-away in a beautiful house above the New River, play pool, eat pies (chicken pot, blueberry and quiche variety), monitor the giant wine cellar, laze about and, if weather permits, we hike the frozen Grayson Highlands where the wild ponies roam. It's called the wiki weekend because we're such geeks that, even without internet connectivity or cell-phone service we actually set up a wireless network and a wiki. You're probably thinking "mountain idiots weekend" at this point but I'll pay you no mind. I'm looking forward to it. Should be a nice break and this year I'm going to meetup with Codehaus Bob on the way up for lunch in Hickory.

Back to work

I'm back to work after a week of JavaOne and week of summer-shutdown imposed vacation. What did I do on my vacation? After returning from JavaOne, I joined the rest of the family at the grandparent's new beach/golf house close to Topsail Island, NC. I tried my best to avoid work. I did pretty well and that's not as easy as it sounds; I first starting working on Roller during a summer vacation at Ocracoke Island.

I forced myself to take a break. I did the beach thing: dragged beach chairs and umbrellas around, covered my body in sunblock, built sand-drip castles, etc. I showed the boys the original three Star Wars films. I saw The War of the Worlds, which was surprisingly good in a summer fun movie kind of way. I read Freakonomics, also good. That was great; I needed a break. Now I'm back, the older boys are in all-day camp at the YMCA, I'm ready to get back into Roller 2.0 group blogging work.

First flight

My boys Alex(8) and Linus(6) didn't know until this morning, but today they're about to take their first airplane ride. Their mom's taking them down to Orlando to see uncle Chris compete in the Florida Half-Ironman and spend a day at Universal Studios. I'm staying home with Leo(2). I told them the news this morning and Alex's response was classic Alex: "awww, I don't wanna to miss school for two whole days." Linus, who consistently plays Pig Will to Alex's Pig Won't, was ecstatic.

The worst thing about vacation...

Is of course, coming back. We just got back from a short trip down to Stone Mountain, Georgia for a family re-union centered about my grandmother's 90th birthday celebrations. It was great spending time with the small family. When we gather together for a re-union, it almost feels like a big family. The kids loved the Stone Mountain train, the cable-car up to the top, and jumping from rock to rock all the way down. I wasn't expecting much from "redneck Rushmore" but the Marriot resort there is very nice as is the rest of the park. I might actually go back there someday.

Anyhow, upon my return I find that my blog has been down all day (due to a misconfiguration on my part) and, as usual, one of my office computers is freaking out. When I leave town, I power down the computers in my office (a Sun box, a low-end Linux box, and a Windows machine. No matter what, everytime I return, one computer won't start up correctly. This time it is the Windows box. The symptom: on start-up it boots Redhat Linux and I didn't even know I had Redhat on that box. Oh well.

In other news... I was supposed to finish Blogs, Wikis, and Feeds chapters 14 and 15 this weekend (you can probably guess how that went). Back to work...

I'm back

Some friends and I took a couple days of vacation in the North Carolina mountains. We were trapped in the house (pictured in the previous post) for most of the weekend, due to the extreme cold and a very icy road, but there's a full-sized pool table in the house, so we had no complaints.

I'm sorry if I have not returned your email. I was off-line for the weekend and since my return, I've been (mostly) ignoring my inbox and my newsreader so that I can finish Chapter 8: Publishing With Atom and some cool stuff that I can't talk about yet. I'm going to take a break this afternoon and tend to my mail and blog reading.


I'm spending the weekend with a couple of friends in the mountains just east of Jefferson, North Carolina. Saturday, we went hiking in the Grayson Highlands, accross the Virginia border. It was cold, windy, and in some places the trail was covered with a sheet of ice, but we were rewarded by close encounters with wild ponies and a flock of wild turkeys. I'm sorry that I didn't bring my camera because the ponies were storybook beautiful and the turkeys were quite a colorful sight.

We were hoping to ride the Viginia Creeper Trail today, but we woke up to find a inch of ice covered snow on the drive way. The driveway is long, very steep, and ends about 30 feet from the New River. Obviously, we're not going any where by car today. Luckily, we've got plenty of food, a pool table, and as you can see I have my laptop and a connection.

Canoeing the New River.

That was a lot of fun. Thanks Mark!

Linus and Alex standing by canoes

September 2001.

We spent the first week of September 2001 at Ocracoke, one of the North Carolina barrier islands. Ocracoke is a three hour ferry-boat ride from the coast and the town of Ocracoke is tiny, so it feels so remote, disconnected, and isolated from the problems of the rest of the world. At the crack of dawn each morning, I would go out for a run. When I returned, I would take one or both of the boys out for a walk down the road, past the cute little light house, past the pelicans, and down to the little harbour, known as Silver Lake. One morning we found a bunch of kitties in the woods by the road, one morning we walked to the other side of town for breakfast, and every morning we saw a beautiful sunrise. This is what I would prefer to remember about September 2001.

photo of Alex and Linus
Alex and Linus, on one of those morning walks.

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