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Understanding Google's new privacy policy

Worth a read:

Understanding Google's new privacy policy: When Google changed its privacy policy last week, they made a strong effort to ensure that everyone knew that a change had occurred, but if you tried to figure out what had actually changed, you had to wade through a lot of buzzwords and legalese. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Rainey Reitman explains it in simple language.

10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account

Dan Yoder's 10 reasons are all good ones, but I'm still on Facebook. My take: if you assume that *everything* you do and share on Facebook is public, and you know how to hide the annoying games, then Facebook ain't so bad.

Dan Yoder: While social networking is a fun new application category enjoying remarkable growth, Facebook isn't the only game in town. I don't like their application nor how they do business and so I've made my choice to use other providers. And so can you.