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Photo Friday: New Drapes

Finally, after 10 years in the house... drapes in the sun-room.

New Drapes

Taken with my new Canon SX40

Friday photo

Our home improvement projects are finally complete including our new screened-in porch. Screens are a must here in Raleigh where swarming mosquitoes will literally eat you alive within minutes of your walking outside. We've been enjoying the bug free living for about a month now. Two big ceiling fans make it comfortable even in August.

our newly completed screened-in porch

Friday photo

Over the past couple of years, I've been scanning my photo collection using a HP slide/negative scanner. My dad, who is an excellent photographer, has been scanning his collection as well. So, to add a little life to this tired old blog, I'm going to start taking advantage of my .Mac account (no longer active) and posting each week a photo from my collection or my dad's collection. Here is the first one:

Jamaican carwash - My old VM Golf in the carwash close to Ocho Rios, Jamaica