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Sun party at ApacheCon EU

Sun is throwing a party at ApacheCon EU on Thursday night, right after the lightning talks. It looks like Rebecca has arranged a very nice party-space (see below) at the Lloyd, a self-described "Trendy Design Hotel" just down the water from the Movenpick. So please stop by, say hello and enjoy a beverage or two to start the evening.

photo of Lloyd Hotel 

Arrived at ApacheCon EU

Vacation is over and it's back to work today. I rode the tram up to Amsterdam Central Station to see Andi off, checked out of our vacation hotel and made my way up to the Movenpick Hotel for ApacheCon EU.

I'm in the ApacheCon hackathon room now working to clear my in-box, catch-up on blogs and figure out what work things need my (rather limited) attention this week.

Vacation was wonderful, by the way. I didn't do any travel blogging on this trip, but I've taken about 200 photos and uploaded some of the best to my Flickr account. I took a bunch of nice shots of the Queens Day festivities yesterday. and the ad hoc boat parades. I've also been building a Google map of our travels, annotated with photos and comments. I'll share that link later this week once it's more complete.