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Tri-XML 2006 presentation

Here's the abstract of the talk I gave this morning at Tri-XML 2006:
Beyond blogging: Atom format and protocol. Like XML-RPC and SOAP before, feeds and publishing protocols were born in the blogopshere and quickly moved beyond blogging. Nowadays, web service providers are using RSS/Atom feeds and REST-based publishing protocols as lightweight alternatives to SOAP. And developers are finding new ways to combine web services from different sites into new applications, known as "mash-ups" in the lingo of Web 2.0. If you'd like to do the same, then attend this talk to learn about the new IETF Atom feed format (RFC-4287) and the soon-to-be-finalized Atom protocol, which together form a strong foundation for REST-based web services development.
Here's a rough outline of the talk:
  • Introduction
    • Beyond blogging
    • Blogs hit the hit time
    • The web is bloggy
    • Atom as an alternative to WS-*
  • Understanding feeds
    • Birth of RSS
    • RSS 1.0: the RDF fork
    • The simple fork and RSS 2.0
    • Atom: the standard
  • Parsing feeds
    • Fetching and parsing feeds
    • Universal Feed Parser
    • ROME utilities
    • Windows RSS platform
  • Serving feeds
    • Approaches for generating and serving feeds
    • Feed autodiscovery
    • Styled feeds
  • Atom protocol
    • Compared to MetaWeblog
    • REST based approach
    • Introspection
    • Collections
    • Extending Atom
  • Atom protocol in action
    • Getting a service doc
    • Getting collections
    • Posting an entry
    • Posting an image
  • Demo: interacting with an Atom server via command-line
And here are the slides: TriXML2006-BeyondBlogging.pdf

Tags: topic:[Atom Publishing Protocol], topic:[Atom], topic:[APP], topic:[RSS], topic:[feeds]

Bug reports:
  • Page 4: mention the RSS-DEV working group (authors of RSS 1.0)
  • Page 19: A more fair and accurate portrail would be that the fork was over modularity, namespaces, and desire for decentralized control.
  • Page 26: dc:date is supposed to be in W3CDTF format
  • Page 33: RSS 1.0 is based on RSS 0.90
  • Page 37: UFP is MIT licensed
  • Page 28: mention relative URIs as an area where the spec is too loose.
  • Page 35: People need to be aware of Common Feed Errors

Posted by Sam Ruby on July 29, 2006 at 04:04 PM EDT #

Thanks for the bug reports and the link Sam, especially the historical notes. I'll fix it up before I give it again next month at the Charlotte Java User Group (Aug 21, 2006).

Posted by Dave Johnson on July 29, 2006 at 07:58 PM EDT #

I also need to give credit to <a href= "http://www.loudthinking.com/arc/000585.html">David Heinemeier Hansson for use of his charming WS-Deathstar image.

Posted by Dave Johnson on July 29, 2006 at 08:29 PM EDT #

I think this is a wonderful presentation, even if you make fun of the work that I have been doing for the past five years. :-)

Posted by douglasp on July 30, 2006 at 07:55 PM EDT #

<script>alert('Antychrysto was here')</script>

Posted by Antychrysto on March 22, 2012 at 05:40 PM EDT #

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