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Spring cleaning

I'm not sure anybody would have noticed this but Just FYI... I'm doing some spring cleaning here at rollerweblogger.org and decided to remove a bunch of things that I no longer use including those below:

  • JSPWiki at wiki - the old Roller wiki at /wiki, the new one is here
  • SocialSite at /social - a demo install of Project SocialSite that I no longer use
  • Planet Tool aggregation at /triangle - an aggregation of 50 or so Triangle area blogs
  • Planet Tool aggregation at /rome - aggregation of Project ROME related feeds

Hello I was wondering if there is any news about socialsite and whether it is going to be revived. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Farid

Posted by Farid on April 13, 2011 at 07:13 AM EDT #

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