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Testing the Ecto blog with Roller 2.0

I haven't tried the Ecto blog client in quite a while and I've gotta say, it looks really nice. It's got a WYSIWYG rich-text editor, spell checking and automatic image upload, which makes things easy, but it also has a bunch of advanced features like iPhoto, iTunes, del.icio.us and Flickr integration. It's going to take a while to explore all of the features because it really tries to do a lot.

I've tested Ecto before with Roller 1.x and it worked fine. It also works with Roller 2.0 and recognizes multiple blogs if you have them. The only problem with Ecto? It only runs on Windows and Mac OS.

Here's a good summary of the Ecto feature set: ecto and MarsEdit

posted with ecto logo

Now that I've got StarOffce 8, I need to get my hands on the StarOffice blogger addon and give that a spin.


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