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Talkin' Roller at ApacheCon US 2006

ApacheCon kinda snuck up on me and now its suddenly time to pack. I'll be in Austin from Monday thorugh Sunday, attending the hackathon and the conference. This is my fourth ApacheCon so I know I'm gonna have fun, but I also hope to get some Roller 3.1 work on during the hackathon and try to knock off some of the minor issues that are still keeping the project from graduating from the Apache Incubator.

I'm speaking on Thursday at 3PM on the subject of Roller. The talk is similar to previous talks I've given on the topic, but it's been improved and updated to cover all of the cool stuff in Roller 3.0. Here's the abstract and an outline of the talk with a couple of bonus links.

Session title: TH18 - Apache Roller: an open source Java blog server
When/where: 3PM in Salon E

Roller is the open source Java blog server that drives the popular Sun's employee blogs at blogs.sun.com, IBM developerWorks blogs, JRoller.com and numerous other blog sites. Currently making its way through the Apache incubation process, Roller is built on a host of Apache technologies including Struts, Velocity, Lucene, Jakarta Commons, XMLRPC and more. This overview, a primer for Roller users and contributors, covers the Roller feature set, the all-new Roller 3.0 page models/macros, Roller 3.0 architecture, lessons learned, project status and future plans.

  • Roller history
    • The O'Reilly article (link)
    • FreeRoller and JRoller and...
  • Roller features
  • Roller community
    • Developers, admins and bloggers
    • Community challenges
    • Release cycle
    • How to add a feature
    • How to make a release
    • Why is Roller still incubating?
  • Roller internals: backend
    • Architectural overview
    • POJOs: users, blogs and entries
    • POJOs and XDoclet markup
    • The manager interfaces
    • Today Hibernate, someday JDO, JPA ...?
  • Roller internals: frontend
    • UI archtecture
    • Struts actions and XDoclet markup
    • Page and feed rendering
    • Changes in Roller 3.0
      • New template models and macros
      • The pager interface
      • $site and $planet models
      • The new macros
  • Customizing Roller
  • Roller futures
I'll post the slides once I made the final changes.

Update: here they are ApacheConUS2006-TH18-RollerBlogServer.pdf


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