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Upgraded to latest 5.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Just a quick note about this site:

Today I upgraded this site to the latest Roller 5.1.0-SNAPSHOT (unreleased) code base. I did this to fix a couple of vulnerabilities found recently by researchers from Coverity (thanks Coverity!).

The Roller team fixed the vulnerabilities reported by Coverity in both the Roller 5.1-SNAPSHOT (unreleased) and the Roller 5.0.x branch. If you're running Roller, you should upgrade to Roller 5.0.1 immediately.

See also: Apache Roller 5.0.2 security fix release now available.

It's been while since I upgraded this site (or even blogged here) so the upgrade was a little painful. When I first upgraded I found that the JSPWiki plugin was broken and the site would not even load. Turns out, I was using an archaic copy of the JSPWiki jar and it was compiled against an equally archaic version of Lucene. Since we recently upgraded the version of Lucene included in Roller, this broke things. I fixed this by upgrading the Roller JSPWiki plugin to use the latest code from Apache JSPWiki. I also created a Github repo with the new JSPWiki code, which you can find here: Roller JSPWiki Plugin on Github.


Hello, I'm trying to install roller-jspwiki-plugin to latest Roller, but not yet succeeded. do you have any plan to add some notes or instruction for README.md in the repository?

Posted by kyle on January 12, 2015 at 05:29 AM EST #

I just added some more detail to the README.md page. Hope it helps.

Posted by Dave Johnson on January 14, 2015 at 11:45 PM EST #

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