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Social Roller

We demonstrated the Project SocialSite widgets in Roller at JavaOne, but we didn't show much other than just the basic widgets. We modified a Roller front-page theme to include a people directory, added a profile page for each user and slapped the widgets on the page. It was pretty rough, as you can see on the right, like our other SocialSite demo vehicles.

This week, I'm working to put together a much better demonstration, something useful enough to deploy to our internal blog site at Sun. Since I have limited time and I really need to get back to working on the SocialSite widgets and web services, I've been thinking about minimum set of features needed to add some value. Here's what I think we need:

  • Landing page: shows activities of your friends and groups, your inbox of social requests and place for you to update your status. This could be added to Roller's Main Menu page or to pages of the Front Page blog, which is my preferred option.
  • Personal profile page: shows your mugshot and the subset of your profile information that the viewer is allowed to see. Shows your activities and the OpenSocial gadgets you have installed. This could be done in the pages of each user's blog, which would give folks complete control of profile layout via page templates. Or I could be done in the pages of the Front Page blog.
  • Activity per entry or comment: whenever you publish a weblog post, or comment on one, an entry will be added to your activity feed so that your friends can see what you're doing. This will be implemented as a feature of a Roller-specific OpenSocial Gadget.
  • Protected entries: ability to publish blog entries that are visible only to your friends via the Roller Gadget.

Most of the above items should be pretty easy with the SocialSite widgets, but I'm sure I'll run into a snag or two at least. I always do. I'll post again next week and let you know how far I got.


I am wondering if the socialsite project is still alive - it would be a shame to abandon it (I heard Sun people on the team got laid off?). Would it be better to continue the effort as an Apache open-source project? Nevertheless, we are trying to make use of it and desperately looking for forums and mailing lists where we can direct our questions. Please shed some light on where to find them.

Posted by edmond on June 04, 2009 at 10:44 AM EDT #

Edmond, SocialSite is moving into the Apache Incubator and may some day be an Apache project. Whether or not that happens depends on how much the SocialSite community will step up to participate, and that means you ;-)

The best place to seek assistance is the SocialSite project mailing lists, which are still at Java.net here but will soon be moving to Apache.

Posted by Dave Johnson on June 05, 2009 at 08:29 PM EDT #


Posted by Lito on November 29, 2021 at 09:57 PM EST #

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