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Apache Rave: A new social mashup engine!

Congrats to the Apache Rave team on reaching top-level project status.

OpenSocial API Blog: Announcing Apache Rave: The project started only a year ago, March 1 2011, when entering the Apache Incubator as a collaborative effort by individuals from a wide range of corporations, non-commercial organizations, and institutes from around the world and was seeded by code donations from The MITRE Corporation, Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, SURFnet, OSS Watch, Hippo, and numerous individual developers.

Rave builds on open standards and leverages and aligns with other open source projects like Apache Shindig and Apache Wookie to deliver a lightweight, flexible, widget-based platform that easily scales across federated application integrations, social intranets, and multi-channel social communities with enhanced personalization and customized content delivery.


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