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How to create a Roller 4.0 theme, part 2

This is part two of a two part series:

In part one I explained how to create a theme directory and add the required template and resource files. Now I'll wrap things up by explaining what goes into a theme.xml theme definition file and how to deploy your new theme.

Create a theme.xml file

The example1 theme that I discussed in part one has a preview image, a Stylesheet Override file, a weblog template, a _day template, a custom template that displays an about page and a single image called aquadot.jpg. The theme.xml theme definition file below includes each of those items.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <name>Example1: minimal theme</name>
  <author>Dave Johnson</author>     
  <preview-image path="preview.jpg" />

    <description>Stylesheet override</description>

  <template action="weblog">
    <description>Main template of weblog</description>

  <template action="custom">
    <description>Displays one day of entries</description>

  <template action="custom">
    <description>About this weblog...</description>

  <resource path="images/aquadot.jpg" />   

Now I'll break it down and explain each element.


The root element of the XML file contains some theme meta-data, an optional stylesheet, one or more templates and zero or more resources. Here's a run-down of the meta-data you must include in each theme:

  • - the unique ID, by convention this is the same as directory name
  • - name of the theme
  • - name of theme author
  • - path to image preview file, relative to theme directory

The override

Following the theme meta-data is the stylesheet declaration, including all of the required elements:

  • - name of stylesheet
  • - description of stylesheet
  • - value used in stylesheet URI (e.g. http://example.com/../page/styles.css)
  • - in 4.0, this must be 'velocity'
  • - path to theme file containing stylesheet, relative to theme directory