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Roller talk at ApacheCon EU

I gave my talk this morning to a packed room of 40-50 people at ApacheCon EU. The talk is an updated and improved version of the talk I gave last year at ApacheCon US. It's designed to be a primer for system administrators considering using Roller and developers considering customizing or basic products on Roller. Here's what I covered:
  • Roller history: how Roller got started and how it got to where it is today at Sun, IBM, JRoller, Yale, NC State, etc.
  • Roller features: overview of Roller features, limitations and reasons for choosing Roller.
  • Roller community: discussion of Roller community, project processes (release cycle and proposals) and status of Apache incubation.
  • Roller internals - backend: overview of Roller business/persistence layer architecture, components used, XDoclet code-gen, POJOs and manager interfaces.
  • Roller internals - front-end: overview of Roller presentation layer including the Struts/JSP based editor UI and the Velocity-based blog/feed rendering engine.
  • Customizing Roller: brief overview of techniques for customizing Roller.
  • Roller futures: Overview of Roller 3.0 plans.
For those who couldn't make the talk, I've made my slides avalable in PDF format. Let me know if you have questions.

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It was an interesting talk, thanks. Especially interesting to know about the future plans. Cheers, the Acegi-question guy :)

Posted by Phil Wilson on June 28, 2006 at 03:48 PM EDT #

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