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Roller Strong #12

I have just one item for Roller Strong today: the post below from James Snell of IBM, which lists some pretty impressive stats for IBM's internal blogging system. James doesn't mention it in the post, but I've been told that the site is powered by Apache Roller v3.1.

Growth: Quick note: IBM's internal blogging environment currently has 95k+ entries, 94k+ comments, 41k+ registered users, 11k+ Blogs (about 13% of which are considered active), 20k+ distinct tags, and 6k+ ratings on entries (entry rating has only been around since June of 2007). On average, there are just under 150 new entries posted to about 115 blogs per day. The number of comments per day fluctuate between 80-230 per day. A range of between 200-400 tags are used each day. Update: in the first three days of January, the server access logs show 109,439 unique visitors, 3,265,739 hits, and 61.37 GB of data transferred.

And that's internal boggers only. Just think what they could do with an external blog site. Roller works well outside the firewall too.


Could you please let me know the code to get tags under each entry like you have it
Dave Johnson in Roller 03:27PM Jan 04, 2008 Comments [0]
Tags: blogging ibm roller

Posted by Predfut on January 21, 2016 at 11:04 AM EST #

Here is some example code for displaying the tags of an entry:

Posted by Dave Johnson on January 22, 2016 at 06:44 PM EST #

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