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Roller 2.0 goes live on blogs.sun.com

Linda Skrocki: Dave and Allen just promoted Roller 2.0 to blogs.sun.com. A couple of the hot new features are group blogging (one weblog - multiple authors) and lots of user interface enhancements that Josef (UI/UE guru) helped the team iterate.

Kudos to Dave, Allen, Josef & the rest of the Roller development team!
And there was much rejoicing! You'll hear more about Roller 2.0 as we try to coax a release out of the Apache Incubator.

I am a bit confused. Is Roller 2.0 a special release for Sun? I just read the blog entry "Oct 21, 2005: Roller 1.3 on the way." The Roller Project Incubation Status doesn't clear it up either -- unless I am missing something.

Posted by Chris Keilitz on November 01, 2005 at 10:36 AM EST #

Good question. I understand the confusion. <p /> The Roller project is now in the Apache Incubator and all releases of Roller will be made according to Apache rules. We (the Roller project) are working on preparing releases of Roller 1.3 and Roller 2.0 real soon now. But anybody can take the code that sits in the Roller source code repository and deploy, modify it, redistribute it, etc. That's what we did at Sun, we took the latest code from the Roller 2.0 branch and deployed it to blogs.sun.com. <p /> A more accurate headline for my post would have been "Pre-release Roller 2.0 codebase live on blogs.sun.com."

Posted by Dave Johnson on November 01, 2005 at 11:43 AM EST #

[Trackback] I am studying the incubating Roller 2.0 from Apache’s subversion repository, to continue with the customizing feed aggregators project. Since Dave Johnson is working at Sun, it’s just right that Roller is set up with a NetBeans project. I&...

Posted by Migs Paraz - Random Takes on November 03, 2005 at 08:37 AM EST #

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