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re: What Sun should do

FYI: I'm tracking blogs and other reactions to Tim Bray's What Sun should do blog post on delicious.com at the link below. Judging from the reaction so far, I think Tim should have opened up comments on this one. He would have gotten more, and possibly better feedback.



What SUN should not do: get too discouraged. From where I sit, I see nothing but good things coming out of SUN lately. I remember only a few years ago that every time I went to SUN's website - to download a JDK, whatever - that I thought to myself "this website is the worst advertising for a company that claims to be web-savvy ever". It was a really poorly designed site. No more. What I see now is one example after another of SUN showing the good results of eating it's own dogfood: glassfish/netbeans is awesome (better netbeans support for stored procedures would be nice), OpenSSO, OpenDS, Roller, OpenOffice, OpenSolaris, ZFS, the new 7000 series storage systems. I'm just sayin' - the internal changes w/in SUN are visible from the outside, and it looks good. The biggest mistake SUN has made, IMO, is buying MySQL for a billion dollars. Why??? PostgreSQL kicks MySQL's ass. MySQL is the Visual Basic of SQL. All of this enterprise quality stuff - and people are supposed to run it on top of a kiddie database? It's so unnecessary. A billion dollars??? I really don't get that. The main thing is that I hope SUN keeps the faith during this downturn. You're doing the right thing, the direction is good, no matter what you do right now, pain is on the way. That doesn't reflect on SUN, that reflects on a world out of balance. Don't let the fear mongers take control.

Posted by Ron on December 11, 2008 at 01:40 PM EST #

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