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re: Rise of the WikiLogs?

Patrick posts about Wiki-blog integration and wonders how Wiki-blog integration plays into the future direction of Roller. Here are my thoughts on that. Roller is first and foremost a weblogging system. I don't want to incorporate a Wiki into Roller, and I think the other Roller developers agree with this, but I do want to make it possible to integrate Roller with an external Wiki.

For now, Wiki-Roller integration means allowing weblog entries to be authored using Wiki syntax, making Wiki links in weblog entries link to an external Wiki, and allowing each weblog entry to have it's own Wiki link to an external Wiki, as Patrick describes.

I'm doing this integration by adding an (optional) Wiki plugin to Roller. I use JSPWiki for the Roller Wiki, so I'm creating the plugin using JSPWiki. I have this working now on my homebox (without code changes to JSPWiki), next, I'll create a Wiki-blog demo here on this site so you can see how it works.


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