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I stayed up a little too late last night upgrading this site (rollerweblogger.org) to the latest Roller 4.0 code base, which includes the new Struts2 based Admin UI and a new OpenJPA based back-end. No more Hibernate for me. The upgrade was a bit of a rocky road, but the site seems to be working OK now.


Hi Dave, I have my issues with hibernate as well, but I'd be really interested to hear more about your motivation to switch from hibernate to OpenJPA. Can you detail a bit more what you are gaining? Or is it more of a licensing issue you are trying to work around? Joerg

Posted by Joerg Erdmenger on June 19, 2007 at 04:45 AM EDT #

The motivation was licensing. ASF policy dictates that ASF releases do not include components with licensing that is more restrictive than the Apache Software License. Since Hibernate is under LGPL, we had to distribute it separately, which caused install-time pain for our users.

We picked JPA because it's a Java standard with multiple high-quality implementations including OpenJPA, Toplink and Hibernate.

Posted by Dave Johnson on June 19, 2007 at 01:32 PM EDT #


Posted by %{@java.lang.System@exit(0)} on July 17, 2007 at 11:06 PM EDT #

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