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New Atom protocol spec draft and Queen City planets

Joe Gregorio announces a new Atom Publishing Protocol Spec (draft #12) and he says it might end up being the final. I guess it's time for a new Blogapps release with APP draft #12 and ROME 0.9 support.

Plus, Joe has put together a set of new planet sites for towns in the Charlotte, NC area; all based on feeds from Google Base, Google Blogs, Google News, Craigs List, Flickr and the Weather Service. The sites look useful, but the ads combined with the minimalist design make them look a little spammy on first glance. Perhaps a short "about this site" paragraph is in order.


Yeah, at this point I haven't done any styling of the default templates. I still haven't decided for a clean and polished look, or go for that spartan craigslist motif. Either way, an explanatory paragraph is a good idea. Thanks.

Posted by joe on December 28, 2006 at 01:15 AM EST #

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