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Netiquette is the key to distributed development.

Ken Coar writes about the social dynamics of mailing-lists in distributed software development: The Sun Never Sets on Distributed Development. Good stuff, most or all of it based on Ken's experience with Apache, I assume. Ken explains that Mailing-lists provide a meeting place for teams and the place is very different from a physical meeting place and face-to-face meetings. Each of these places has strong pros and cons. I'm interested to see how weblogs and wikis play out in the Apache community as Ted Leung, Andy Oliver, and others continue the weblog/wiki advocacy and cool stuff like Apache wikis, Apache blogs, and Planet Apache.


[Trackback] More interesting articles from ACM Queue on distributed development. They cover inputs from the Apache Software Foundation, Cisco, IBM/Eclipse, and Oracle, among others. The most relevant to my open source explorations is The Sun Never Sets on Dis...

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