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Netbeans 5.5 (beta) and other new software

Netbeans logoAfter I got back from JavaOne, I loaded up on all of the cool new software I saw in action at the conference, including:
I installed all of this stuff and I've been using Netbeans 5.5 with Subversion support all week. On my Solaris/x64 box, Netbeans 5.5 seems very stable. The Subversion client is a little flakey, as is to be expected for pre-release software, but it's been really holding its own during some refactoring and package renaming work I've had to do this week.

So, if you're itching for Subversion support in Netbeans, give the 5.5 beta a try and help the Netbeans guys out providing feedback on the mailing lists and issue tracker.

The JavaOne general session demos last week (e.g. the build-a-blog-server in 5 minute demo) seemed to show an extremely fast build-deploy-test loop. So next, I'm going to try to switch to SJAS9 + Derby for development and debugging and see how it compares to working with Tomcat / MySQL. Last time I tried SJAS (version 8) for development, I found it to be a little too heavy for my tastes.

SnoopDave: How are you? How did you enable the svn client in netbeans? I have been toiling with it all day and still got no clue.

Posted by Ransford Segu-Baffoe on June 01, 2006 at 10:41 PM EDT #

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