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Maven 3.0: 50% to 400% speed improvement?

A drop-in replacement with 50% to 400% speed improvement? That sounds too good to be true.

Matt Raible: The main improvement in Maven 3 is speed. It's been performance tuned to be 50% to 400% faster. Benchmarks (guaranteed by integration tests) include better: Disk I/O, Network I/O, CPU and Memory. Another new feature is extensibility so Maven is a better library rather than just a command-line tool. Now there's a library and APIs that you can use to do the things that Maven does. Plexus has been replaced with Guice and it's now much easier to embed Maven (Polyglot Maven and Maven Shell are examples of this).

Apparently it is not entirely true, at least not yet (Maven 3.0 is still in beta). I tried switching to Maven 3 for the Roller 5 build and hit several build errors related to class-loading and JPA byte-code enhancement.


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