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Mutli-domain support in Roller?

Trygve Lie on the roller-dev list: We have spent a lot of time evaluating (almost one year now) different blog software and we also have one installation of your largest competitors running (Drupal, which we are not happy with) as an pilot and we have found Roller to be way ahead of all other blog solutions out there when it comes to technical architecture. But, no blog solution has this multi domain support. I think such a support would be a benefit for a whole new set of Roller users (and possible contributors).
I totally agree. Unfortunately, getting big changes into an open source project is difficult when you have no committers on the project (and the current committers have other pressing priorities), but I think Trygve and the team from LinPro AS are taking the right approach. I want to encourage them to work with the Roller community to make this work. Even if this specific multi-domain implementation doesn't end up in the Roller core, we'll all benefit from this discussion.

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