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JBoss Netbeans IDE and Netbeans 5.5 beta 2

Via Roumen, the JBoss Netbeans IDE is available with support for EJB3/JPA. The announcement is on the JBoss site, downloads are on the Netbeans site.

So now there are two easy ways to get started with EJB3/JPA and both are based on Netbeans: 1) JBoss Netbeans IDE and 2) Netbeans 5.5 plus the Enterprise Pack, which includes Glassfish/Sun Java App Server. Currently, both IDEs are based on Netbeans 5.5 beta 2 but don't let that scare you away.

I've been using Netbeans 5.5 beta 2 on my Solaris box for a week or so now and it's quite stable. On my Mac, not so much -- beta 2 worked fine until I installed the Enterprise Pack and then I started to get all sorts of slow downs and very strange repaint problems in the tree-view. I upgraded to a Q-Build (the 20060818 one) and now it's quite usable -- still a little sluggish but then again everything seems sluggish on my Powerbook these days.

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