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@JavaOne: Beyond Blogging: Feeds in Action

As promised here's some more info on my JavaOne 2007 session. It's based in part on the Beyond Blogging presentation that I presented to a tiny audience at the local Tri-XML conference last year. Tim Bray didn't attend my talk, but he read the slides and called them "the single best introduction and overview I've ever seen about feeds and syndication and RSS and Atom and all that stuff." I shouldn't brag. Had he attended the talk he might have had an entirely different opinion, who knows. Anyhow, the presentation has been updated, stream-lined and large portions rewritten to cover ROME and ROME's new Propono sub-project. Here's the outline:

The web is bloggy
    Blogging, XML and web services
    Feeds on the web today
    Feeds as an integration technology
    WS Death Star
Understanding RSS and Atom
    The birth of the RSS
    The RDF fork: RSS 1.0
    Elements of RSS 1.0 (abridged)
    Feed Extension Modules
    The simple fork: RSS 0.92 – RSS 2.0
    Elements of RSS 2.0 (abridged)
    RSS limitations
    Atom Publishing Format
    Elements of Atom (abridged)
    RSS and Atom feed family tree
Consuming feeds with ROME
    It's just XML
    ROME RSS/Atom feed utilities
    How does ROME work?
    ROME SyndFeed model
    How to fetch feeds
    Fetching a feed with ROME Fetcher
Producing feeds with ROME
    Serving feeds: generate XML
    Use your favorite XML tools or...
    Generating Atom with ROME
    Serving feeds
    Cache cache cache
    Serving Atom with ROME
    Feed auto-discovery
    Serving valid feeds
Publishing with ROME Propono
    Atom Publishing Protocol (APP)
    What does APP do?
    How does it do all that? The REST way
    APP Service Document
    An Atom collection <feed>
    Getting an APP collection - with paging
    ROME Propono
    ROME Propono Atom Client API
RSS/Atom trends
For More Information
Q & A 

And for the folks who've written to me about Propono, the new ROME subproject devoted to publishing via Atom protocol (and the MetaWeblog API): I hope to commit the code to ROME and starting blogging about it this week.


Hi, Is it possible to publish your work which can help us people like me? Thanks, Regards Parag

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