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Don Brown picks up Struts Control Flow.

I've got too many other things going on right now to resume my work on Control Flow, so I'm happy to report that Don Brown has picked up where I left off and has integrated Cocoon's Control Flow module into a Struts application.

Don implemented the same number guess example that I did, but with Struts, by replacing my Flow Servlet with a Flow Action. This is a different approach than I was considering. I was under the impression that the only way to enable Control Flow to take advantage of Struts Form Bean processing and Validation was to integrate Control Flow at the ActionServlet level. On second thought, I think the Flow Action approach will work fine, but it will require that Actions that are to participate in the flow extend the Flow Action Flow Servlet. I'm looking forward to seeing Don's code.


Actually, the FlowAction doesn't depend on FlowServlet at all. The initialization code from FlowServlet was moved into FlowPlugin and the script and continuation execution into FlowAction. I'm thinking (hoping) form support might not require any hacks into the Struts process flow. The normal Struts flow seems similiar to the behavior of Woody, which I believe was accepted as Cocoon's default forms technology. Worst cast, we'll have to subclass RequestProcessor or better yet, work of struts-chain, but I'd like to avoid both techniques if possible. Using FlowAction is just way simplier :)

Posted by Don Brown on May 08, 2004 at 07:58 PM EDT #

You're right Don. I meant to say "extend the Flow Action".

Posted by Dave Johnson on May 09, 2004 at 02:38 PM EDT #

I put my rough code up on my weblog (see website link), but of course it needs work before it is releasable.

Posted by Don Brown on May 10, 2004 at 03:11 AM EDT #

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