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Cafe Cyclo is history

Wall lights at Cafe Cyclo I meant to blog it last week, but I forgot. When I arrived at Cafe Cyclo last week for the bloggers meet-up I found Josh and Sam standing under the awning taking shelter from the rain. The outside tables were gone and peering through the dark windows, I saw that everything was gone. Wow. Sad to lose such a unique place (unique for Raleigh, that is). I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the Raleighing folks have a clue.

So now we need a new meeting place. Josh and I think Helios is probably the best choice. Any other ideas, Raleigh bloggers? Ideally we'd like a relatively quiet place with good coffee, beer, food and free WIFI.


As luck has it, I'm now the first hit when you google "Raleigh Coffee Shops" :)


I made a few recommendations in my post (circa April 2005), but a wealth of other recommendations have been posted in the comments since that time.

Ain't blogging great?

Unfortunately I don't know about beer or wifi at many of those places. Maybe I'll have to start touring Raleigh-area coffee shops again.

Posted by Josh Staiger on October 25, 2006 at 07:05 PM EDT #

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